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Drive-In Media Bingo



Our sessions effective this week:

~Thursday and Friday evenings at 5pm (card sales start at 3:45pm).

~Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 12:30pm (card sales start at 11:15am). **NO evening sessions will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.**

At each session, our EARLY BIRD pays $500 GUARANTEED and we have 2 BONUS DOUBLE ACTION games that are GUARANTEED to pay $1,000 minimum! Supporting over 30 local charities.

Bingoland Balls

We're now playing our Bingoland Balls during our parking lot bingo!

When the bingo caller announces balls are being played, be the first to dab the 3 numbers on your ticket (correct colour & serial number is required) and win $200. Once the balls are won, the caller will open the sealed tab on their card and the hold number will receive a bonus $100! Don't forget..the last number called MUST be on your ball ticket.

Break a dabber 😁

Here are some renovation images in our updated gaming facility

Bingoland South is now…
We're still undergoing major renovations to make your experiences at Bingoland Gaming Centre better than ever. In the mean time, come on over and check out our Parking Lot Bingo on Thursday & Friday evenings at 5pm (card sales begin at 3:45pm) and Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 12:30pm (card sales begin at 11:15am). Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Game Prizes temporarily on “hold”.
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Winner’s Circle
Winners circle draws on the 2nd Saturday and last Sunday of every month.