News & Events

During select sessions EVERYONE gets a FREE 2-Wide Regular book - no gimmicks!  Come enjoy the fun.  In May these sessions are: May 7th 12:30pm, May 16th 9:30pm and May 27th 6:30pm.
May Calendar
BIG WIN BONUS DOUBLE ACTION GAME – BINGO – 5 X $1,000 GAMES – May 31st at 6:30pm
BIG WIN BONUS DOUBLE ACTION GAME which features 5 games that pay $1,000 each GUARANTEED!  Played May 31st at 6:30pm.  
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BIG 10 ‘MUST-GO’ EVENT – May 28 at 3:30pm – $5,000 GUARANTEED
On May 28th at our 3:30pm our Big 10 game has a GUARANTEED PAYOUT OF $5,000.
GOLD FOR SILVER – Thursday’s at 6:30pm in May
During the Month of May at our Thursday 6:30pm sessions, you can purchase a Gold package for the price of a Silver!
We have launched our GO GREEN initiative. We now have available both SILVER and GOLD packages in paper and also in LAMINATED form. Those who try the new laminated packages will be given an extra 4-Wide Perfect Paper Regular game book to play at that session - no sharing!


Winner’s Circle
Winners circle draws on the 2nd Saturday and last Sunday of every month.